Funeral & Memorial

A Celebration of Life.

It is certainly not easy when you lose a loved one. But I will try and make it as comfortable and I will be as supportive as possible. I’m a listener and I will visit you (at a very highly emotional time) and listen to your needs and your stories and will deliver a memory of a life at your loved ones funeral and/or memorial.

The reason I really became a Celebrant (over 15 years ago now) was.. well.. My Mothers Funeral. When she passed away, after a very long illness (me & Dad took care of her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months) the Minister (she was a little bit religious/spiritual) listened to us, her family, and he delivered the best funeral I had ever been at. Funny stories, quirky things she did.. her favourite music.

After that, when I attended other funerals of family & friends, I realised there was nothing in them about the person. And I decided I could do better. Everyone should have a ‘Celebration of Life’ like my Mother.

In 2012 I conducted my own Fathers funeral in Cornwall. We played his favourite songs (The Northern Lights of Aulde Aeberdeen, Doris Day, Laurel & Hardy), my sister read some Rabbie Burns and I told stories about my Dad (who was Doric). I did my very best for him as I do my very best for every family.

I will try to bring smiles and some laughter and most importantly I will listen to you and do my very best. Because everyone deserves the best…

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