I conduct a personal ceremony for your special and unique celebration Wedding, Handfast, Renewal of Vows, Baby Naming, Coming of Age, Memorial & Funeral. Full Legal Wedding and Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies conducted here in Bonnie Scotland Your service is about you and reflects your own personality and likes. Chose your own readings & music and get your friends & family involved too, if you wish, and enjoy your special day!

As part of the local Scottish Community, I have been conducting Ceremonies for several years now and I always try to do my very best for every couple and family I meet. My philosophy is that it is Your Ceremony and every service I conduct reflects your values & wishes. 

I've always been a 'listener' and, for your Celebration, I will listen to you and encourage you to have the ceremony you want, not what other people think you should have. It is your day. No matter how big or how small your Celebration is.. make it special, make it unique and make it memorable. And, most importantly, make it Yours.

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Scottish & Celtic Handfasting

Handfasting is the traditional marriage of Scotland. It is also the origin of the saying 'tying the knot' comes from as the couple would stand beside each other and two ribbons or cords were tied around their hands as they made promises to love and take care of each other.

The Handfast can be part of your legal wedding, renewal of vows or handfast (wedding blessing) if you wish.

There's a bit more history to it and, during a ceremony, I explain what the handfasting is to your guests - you may have seen it in a film (i.e. Braveheart!!) but it is a very lovely tradition here in Scotland.. and still active in Scandinavia and the Ukraine!

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Renewal Of Vows

Thinking of renewing your vows?

How about a fun party with all your family & friends.. or a romantic vow renewal on one of Scotland's amazing beaches or at a ruined castle???

Or perhaps you got married overseas and want another celebration with family back home?

Again, make it yours and about you and make it fun!!!

Contact Me

 Contact me

Email : acmckessock @ yahoo.co.uk

Facebook : //www.facebook.com/scottishcelebrantALBA/

I am in Bonnie Scotland! (North West Europe)

A member of Dundee Wedding Collective and Independent Humanist Ceremonies

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Planning Your Ceremony

Contact me initially to discuss your Ceremony

We can meet up in person or talk via email and/or telephone You chose music, readings and family/friends taking part I can advise on traditions, customs and etiquette

For legal marriage in Scotland, I will guide you with paperwork, dates of submission etc

On your special day, I will conduct the Ceremony you want

#annamckessock #scottishcelebrant #humanistwedding #humanist #scotlandwedding #handfast #babynaming