How much do you charge to conduct a Ceremony?

That depends on what type of Ceremony and the location

Do you come to the Wedding meal afterwards? That’s up to you.

That’s up to you. I don’t ‘expect’ to be invited, in fact I’d rather you had your family/friends there (I know how expensive wedding’s can be and I’d hate to take the place of someone you wanted to invite!). I may stay for a wee drink and Congratulate you

I am in America and I’d like to do something special for my partner – can you help?

Anything at all that I can do to help. If you need to arrange everything by email, it’s fine. And if you need help finding a location in your budget just let me know. I’m always out and about.

When should I book you for my Wedding?

As soon as you have your date! It’s not unusual to have a booking made 1-2 years before the Big Day so it’s vital that you get your date, venue, celebrant and band booked as soon as you can.

What if you are not available on my date?

It may happen! But, don’t worry, I have several lovely colleagues who I can recommend.

Where can I get married?

Anywhere in Scotland; in a garden, hotel, castle, palace, ruined historical sites, outside, inside, at home, on a boat, up a mountain.. (except some religious buildings)

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